The history of Bauman University began on July 1, 1830, when the Russian Emperor Nikolay I approved “Regulation on trade and educational institutions” and allocated one of his residences, Sloboda Palace, for his students which had been renovated by the Famous Swiss architect Domenico Gilardi.

Since its inception, BMST University has trained more than 200,000 professionals, who have defined the face of Russian engineering. The names of Bauman graduates have an honorable place among the creators of the entire Russian arsenal of military equipment, aircraft and missilies. In addition, Bauman graduates have gone on to become prominent scientists and academicians. A.N. Tupolev, S.P. Korolev, V.P. Barmin and many others, created the entire branches of science and industry in Russia.

MSTU Today BMST University is one of the three leading technical universities in Russia. The University is included in the state’s list of most valuable objects of cultural heritage for the people of the Russian Federation

The University has broad international contacts in the field of education. The diploma of BMSTU is highly appreciated by many countries all over the world.

There are three Master programs for foreign students, where they are trained in English language within two years:

1. Cryogenic Equipment and Technology

2. Computer Technology and Control

3. Nonlinear Dynamic Systems and Control Processes

To apply for these programs students should have a Bachelor’s degree.

MSTU BMSTU provides Preparatory courses for Non-Russian speaking international students. Preparatory department established in 2001 is focused on pre-university training of international citizens and aimed at their further studies in the main educational programs. According to the statistics, more than 95 % of people, who successfully completed preparatory courses, are enrolled at the University.

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