MATI-Russian State Technological University


MATI – Russian State Technological University is one of the leading Russian technical universities where highly skilled experts in the field of advanced materials and high technologies are trained.

MATI chronicle starts in 1932 with the foundation of Dirigible Engineering Educational Center attached to Civil Air Fleet (CAF) Ministry by joining Aircraft School of Leningrad Institute of CAF Engineers and Moscow Aviation Institute. In 1939 the Centre was reorganized into Moscow Institute of CAF engineers and named K.E. Tsiolkovsky, a Russian scientist and inventor in the field of aerodynamics, aerospace mati engineering and the theory of aircraft, rockets and dirigible. On June 17, 1940 Moscow Institute of Aviation Technology (MATI) was established on the basis of the later. MATI attained the University status in 1992.

Today four major MATI institutions - "Materials Science and Technology of Materials", "Aerospace Constructions, Technologies and Control Systems", "Informational Systems and Technologies" and "Management, Economics and Social Technologies"- train students according to 59 educational programs of higher education including 29 Bachelor degree programs, 15 Master Degree programs and 15 Ph.D. specialties.

Among the University teaching staff there are Academicians of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Russian Engineering Academy, Russian Academy of Technological Sciences and Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. About 260 Professors and Doctors of Sciences as well as more than 700 associate professors and Ph.D. scientists work at the University.

In 1991 MATI was opened for foreign students. Now more than 200 students from Great Britain, USA, mati Germany, South Korea, Turkey, India, Nepal, Kenya, Morocco, Oman, China, Iran and some other countries study at the University. MATI takes part in various international projects, carries out student and scientific exchange with universities of USA, Great Britain, Taiwan, China, South Korea, etc.

Bachelor’s Degree programs offered by MATI at the Russian Medium include:

• Metallurgy

• Avionics

• Material Science and Technology of Materials

• Nanotechnologies and Micro-Systems

• Aerospace Engineering

• Missile Complexes and Cosmonautics

• Engines of Flight Vehicles

• Laser Technologies

• Design and Technology of Electronic Equipment

• Informatics and Computer Engineering

• Business Informatics

• Fundamental Informatics and Informational Technologies

• Automation of Technological Processes

• Bio-Technologies and Systems

• System Analysis and Control

• Applied Mechanics

• Applied Mathematics and Informatics

• Quality Control

• Standardization and Metrology

• Technosphere Security

Duration of a Bachelor’s Degree course – 4 years, preceded by a one-year Foundation Course.

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