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We provide our students with places in students’ hostels situated in the South-West of Moscow city, 15 walking from the nearest metro station.

Hostel accommodation is arranged in 2-room blocks, offering a double and triple bedded rooms. There is a toilet and a shower room in the block. The rooms are equipped with basic furniture, including a shared refrigerator (one in the block), and have computer links.

There is a communal kitchen (cooking is by electricity) on each floor, a medical station and a gym.

Hostel superintendant is in charge of providing furniture and other equipment, day-to-day repairs, and calling up a plumber, carpenter or electrician. There is a storeroom, laundry and ironing-room in the hostel.

Bed linen is changed three times in a month.

Hostel administrators are in charge of housing of residents and temporary passes issuing.

IMPORTANT! In case of any damage to the hostel property the resident must reimburse the cost of repairs or do the repairs at his own expense. This amount will be deducted from the caution deposit payable by the resident at the time the hostel accommodation agreement is signed.


All our hostels are equipped with modern video surveillance systems and automatic fire alarm systems. There is a security post at the entrance.

Hostel administration gives detailed instructions to the residents how to observe fire safety regulations.


  • Smoking in rooms, halls and corridors and drinking alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited;
  • Hostel residents bear responsibility for observation of internal hostel regulations by their guests;
  • Hostel residents are expected to keep their rooms, shower rooms, toilets and kitchen clean;
  • Moving to another room without hostel administration permission is strictly prohibited;
  • Hostel administrator keeps a spare key to your room;
  • Hostel fees are to be paid in time.



If you need hostel accommodation you should come to our office on working days from 10.00 AM to 02.00 PM. Our manager will consult you about the rooms available, prepare the hostel accommodation agreement and other relevant documents, provide with the location map and inform the hostel administration about your arrival.

Hostel accommodation is provided after payment of hostel fees only.

IMPORTANT! Payment of hostel fees is to be made by two installments: the first one – on the date of signing the hostel accommodation agreement, the second one – before February 1 of the current academic year.

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